The following will guide you through the requirements for a successful hands-on session.

OS Platform

We present the hands-on exercises to you in Windows. You may use any OS platform for the hands-on session. However, please ensure that you have an equivalent installation of the following.

Code project

We use a prepared python code project for the hands-on session. Use one of the following ways to have a local version of the project.


git clone

Direct download zip or tar.gz.

Visual Studio Code

Installation for VS Code can be found in VS Code is only a recommendation. Any text editor or IDE is sufficient (however ensure a proper python installation via command line).

With VS Code, you can now open the project by choosing Open Folder.

Python distribution

Install python from Check your python installation by opening a terminal within VS Code Terminal > New Terminal and use the command py --version. If you see the python version (example: Python 3.10.5), then you are good to go for the workshop.

Also, install the python extension for VS Code. Go to Extensions (Ctrl+Shift+X) and install Python.

Having problems? Please refer to or contact us.

Installing required python packages

After successful python installation, open a terminal in VS Code Terminal > New Terminal and install the required python packages with the following command from the project directory:

py -m pip install -r requirements.txt